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1213 La Residenza

Italy, Castelmuzio
Bedrooms 3
Maximum Guests 8

1213 La Residenza, in Castelmuzio, Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa RentalsA stylish villa, decorated with distinctive ornaments and antique furniture awaits visitors of Tuscany, in the most ideal location, just 15 minutes from Florence, the picturesque Piazza San Bernardino. 1213 La Residenza is a simple villa but belongs to the category “palazzo signorile”, former palace of a...

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Villa Rossi Mattei

Italy, Arezzo
Bedrooms 12
Maximum Guests 30

Villa Rossi Mattei extends over approximately 10 hectares of woods and terraces cultivated with olive trees, on the hill of Castelsecco, an Etruscan area, once a city necropolis. The center of Arezzo is only 2 km away, also accessible on foot. It is surrounded by a historic park, with Atlantic cedars, pines, centuries-old cypresses and holmes, in the center of the garden there is an old greenhouse with a particular t...

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Villa Ferraia

Italy, Siena - Monticiano
Bedrooms 14
Maximum Guests 28

Villa Ferraia, in Siena - Monticiano, Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa RentalsOnce again people are looking for destinations that have not been over-hyped, for places where they can rediscover the classical elements of existence: earth, water, air and fire. Places like Villa Ferraia, which offers a taste of the old Tuscany. It is located in the valleys of the Merse River, in t...

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Villa Calcina

Italy, Sansepolcro
Bedrooms 9
Maximum Guests 20

Villa Calcina, in Sansepolcro, Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa Rentals Villa Calcina has rooms with high ceilings, antique details and walnut beams, a luxurious residence whose construction dates back to the 12th century. During his pilgrimage to Rome, St. Francis of Assisi visited this unique that now houses Villa Calcina. Ideal for families, the villa is surrounded by a green ...

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Casa Matteucci

Italy, Capannori
Bedrooms 7
Maximum Guests 14

Casa Matteucci is located in the famous area of Vorno: a gracious small village at the foot of Mount Pisano, which separates Lucca from Pisa.A place rich in history and beautiful nature: small streams, breath-taking landscapes and amazing panoramas. This particular area of Lucca countryside offers many kind of outdoor activities: hiking (Pizzorne and Mount Pisano), tours of the historical Villas (Villa Bernardini, Vi...

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Villa Gamberaia

Italy, Florence - Settignano
Bedrooms 19
Maximum Guests 40

Villa Gamberaia, in Fiorence – Settignano, Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa RentalsIn a privileged location, just 15 minutes from the centre of Florence, this exquisite Renaissance villa was built in the early 17th century and has now been renovated into an earthly paradise, able to accommodate up to 40 people in 19 bedrooms. Villa Gamberaia is located on the hilltop of Settignan...

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Borgo Finocchieto

Italy, Buonconvento
Bedrooms 22
Maximum Guests 44

Borgo Finocchieto, in Buoncovento, Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa Rentals An entire village in the province of Siena has become an ideal holiday destination for large groups of friends who want to experience something truly historic. Borgo Finocchieto is located on the famous road of medieval pilgrims who came from Canterbury to Rome 800 years ago. Today, the 22 bedrooms can accommod...

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Villa Edera

Italy, Florence - Siena
Bedrooms 12
Maximum Guests 24

Villa Edera, between Siena and Florence, in Tuscany, part of fantasiavilas.com, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa RentalsYour Tuscan holidays in a cozy, warm and sophisticated private house. Villa La Sciolta is a wonderful and quiet Tuscan country house. The stone villa is surrounded by green paths and centuries-old olive trees, has two private swimming pools and is immersed in nature. Its location in the heart o...

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